The following programs and projects based on the results of open competitive tenders of the Science Committee of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan have been/ are being implemented:

  1. “Groundwater of Kazakhstan” (2012-2014); 
  2. “Development of Clean Energy Sources of the Republic of Kazakhstan” (2013-2017); 
  3. “Water security of the Republic of Kazakhstan is  sustainable water supply strategy” (2015-2017); 
  4. “Scientific and methodological and geoinformation and analytical support for the rational use and protection of groundwater of the Republic of Kazakhstan under the conditions of climatic and man-caused changes” (2018-2020); 
  5. Grant “Assessment of changes in hydrogeochemical conditions of groundwater deposits in Kazakhstan under climatic effect and human impact” (2018-2020);
  6. Grant on the subject No. AP05131239 “Development of a scientific and methodological basis for structuring hydrogeological maps using geoinformation systems” (2018-2020);
  7. Grant on the subject No. AP05130934 “Development of an innovative methodology for the qualitative and quantitative assessment of therapeutic mud in the south-east part of Kazakhstan as a hydromineral raw material” (2018-2020);
  8. «Assessment of fresh groundwater resources as the principal source and long-term reserve of sustainable drinking water supply to the population of the Republic of Kazakhstan» (2021-2023 years);
  9. «Heat and power, mineral raw materials and curative potential of thermomineral and industrial groundwater of Kazakhstan. Assessment of the state and trends  concerning hydrogeochemical indicators of groundwater under the influence of natural and climatic changes and anthropogenic loads», by order of the Committee of Geology of the Ministry of Ecology, Geology and Natural Resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan(2021-2023 years);
  10. Grant № AP05130934 «Assessment of the prospects of groundwater fountain (self-flowing) exploitation for sustainable development of rural areas of Zhambyl region»(2021-2023 years).