Currently, the implementation of scientific and technical projects and programs is provided by 79 people, incl. 1 member of the NAS RK, 3 Doctors of Sciences, 9 Candidates of Sciences, 5 PhDs, 5 doctoral students and 2 master students.


Department of Regional Hydrogeological, Geoecological and Hydrochemical Research

Laboratory of Regional Hydrogeology and Geoecology


Rakhimov Timur Aitkalievich, PhD

R&D directions

  • Regional applied research in the field of establishing patterns of formation and distribution of various types of groundwater;
  • Identification of groundwater resources, development of new methods for their assessment, hydrogeological stratification and mapping, predicting man-caused hydrogeological processes using modern methods of water chemical analysis;
  • Work in the field of mapping and zoning of artesian basins with various types of groundwater in Kazakhstan and the development of practical recommendations for their widespread use;
  • Study of the problems of interrelation of hydrochemical, thermo- and hydrodynamic processes and oil-and-gas-bearing capacity of artesian geostructures in Kazakhstan;
  • Identification of areas of artificial replenishment of groundwater resources.

Chemical Analytical Research Laboratory


Absametov Malis Kudysovich,

Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, Professor, member of the NAS RK


The Chemical Analytical Research Laboratory has accreditation of the Republic of Kazakhstan system for compliance with the requirements of GOST ISO/IEC 17025-2009 “General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories”. The Chemical Analytical Research Laboratory is included in the list of accredited testing laboratories (centers) of the Republic of Kazakhstan included in the Unified Register of Certification Authorities and Testing Laboratories (centers) of the Customs Union.

The scope of laboratory accreditation includes the conducting of chemical analyses of environmental objects, including water, soil, bed silts, as well as the study of chemical pollution with organic and non-organic substances (general chemical parameters, heavy metals, petroleum products, COD, permanganate oxidizability, phenols, synthetic surfactants)

The laboratory has a state license:

 No. 15015649 dated August 26, 2015 to engage in activities related to the turnover of precursors

No.20010795 dated July 27, 2020 to engage in activities related to poisons

Areas of work

Study of groundwater chemical composition, as well as research of environmental objects in accordance with the rules and procedures of the State system of technical regulation and the accreditation system of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Ensuring the completeness, correctness of the tests and the reliability of the results obtained.

GIS and ERS Laboratory


Shagarova Lyudmila Valentinovna, Candidate of Technical Sciences.

  • R&D directions
  • Providing digital information using a cartographic basis, Earth remote sensing data and special and thematic maps and space plans with various levels of detailing for all structural units of the Institute.
  • Solving hydrogeological problems based on Earth remote sensing data: hydrogeological and geoecological zoning of territories – hydrogeological regions, districts, tertiary and quaternary basins, etc. along the boundaries of rock complexes, watersheds, streamflows, etc.;
  • Search and exploration of groundwater for various purposes, including definition of the boundaries of the territories for assessment of groundwater natural resources using Earth remote sensing methods;
  • Identification of indirect signs and detection of groundwater development sites, delineation of aquifers and groundwater discharge areas on the surface.

Groundwater Resources and Modeling Department

Laboratory of Hydrodynamic and Geoecological Processes Modeling


Osipov Sergei Mikhailovich, Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences.

R&D directions

  • Study of the patterns of spatial groundwater distribution;
  • Regional method for predicting, mapping and assessing water resources and classifying them as secular, perennial, annually renewable, usable, etc.
  • Development of the concept, methodologies and technologies for managing water resources and the state of ecosystems under current conditions and for the future, as the basis for ecological recovery of the environment and sustainable development of Kazakhstan.
  • Quantitative assessment of natural reserves, natural and undiscovered potential groundwater resources within artesian basins, fissure water basins, hydrogeological regions, water basins, administrative regions.
  • Compilation of maps of groundwater resources.
  • Compilation of fundamental forecast maps of artesian basins and groundwater;
  • Assessment of the current state of the groundwater resources use for the drinking and technical supply purposes of economic sectors;
  • Assessment and forecast of water supply to settlements and economic sectors with groundwater resources with climate changes and man-caused impact accounting.
  • Regional field research in order to study the conditions of water supply to settlements: survey of water intake facilities, water points, regime wells, etc.

Laboratory of Simulating Hydrodynamic and Geoecological Processes


Murtazin Yermek Zhamshitovich, Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences.

R&D directions

Scientific and applied research in the field of development, adaptation and application of the latest information technologies in hydrogeological research, mathematical simulation of hydrogeological processes and the creation of automated geoinformation systems. Application of simulation methods in order to solve the problems of assessing groundwater reserves, predicting the negative impact of man-caused processes on groundwater, assessing the impact of groundwater on man-made objects.

Development of theoretical concepts, methods, tools for geoinformation and mathematical simulation of hydrogeological objects and their approbation in the process of solving problems related to the use and protection of groundwater from depletion and pollution, protection of engineering structures from the harmful impact of groundwater.

Industrial and Geothermal Water Laboratory


Kan Sergei Mikhailovich, Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences.

R&D directions:

  • Study of the spatial distribution, accumulation and migration of heat in the near-surface part of the earth’s crust, depending on geostructural, hydrogeological, climatic, paleohydrogeological and other natural conditions;
  • Compilation of maps of the geothermal gradient, heat flows, geothermal zoning, the depth of the neutral layer and fluctuations in annual temperatures in it, as well as the thermal regime of the earth’s crust interior;
  • Study of formation patterns, assessment of resources and reserves, hydrochemical composition, dynamics of industrial and geothermal waters on the territory of Kazakhstan;
  • Development of technologies for the multi-purpose use of the water and energy potential of geothermal waters;
  • Study of the patterns of formation, resources and reserves, hydrochemical composition, useful properties and dynamics of groundwater with a specific mineral composition and with therapeutic qualities;

Compilation of a scientific and methodological basis for the multi-purpose use of industrial groundwater, development of process flowsheets and technologies for the extraction of valuable microcomponents from industrial waters.

Assessment of associated formation waters in oil and gas fields of Kazakhstan as a hydromineral raw material for the extraction of innovative types of products;

study of raw brines and salt deposits of surface water bodies and salt marshes for the conditioning content of lithium;

Study of occurrence of therapeutic mud, its qualitative and quantitative assessment for the purpose of industrial use.